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1. I do not give away my patterns, don't ask.

2. To see the current status of comissions (open/closed) check the 'commissions' button on the right.

3. I am open for FIM characters, ponified characters and OCs. Non-pony are also available but please ask in note (I am beginner in different shapes and I may not be able to make very complex plushes at this point).

4. For prices note me. Iam sending general price charts much faster than individual, complex projects quotes, it may take few days to reply.

5. OCs will be made only for their owners or when the customer gets a permission from the owner (I will contact the owner to make sure about getting permission; don't take it offensive, just not everyone allows to use their OCs and I must be sure)

6. Every time the policy of commissions may differ. I am posting every necessary informations in my journal. It means once it may be first come - first served, other time - only chosen by me or only FIM/mane six, etc. The same goes for the amount of commission slots. Sometimes I need time to get rest after very exhausting round. You may always ask me via note what is my idea for next reopenings.

7. Prices are valid for one month, after this time note me again for the price as it may change. Though I have quite stable pricing now and the changes aren't big (if any). But please don't be surprised to see different price of the same character if you asked few months earlier; if there are some changes in pricing, from this time everybody'll receive the same updated price chart.

8. Why do the prices change?

- I am introducing new techniques, often more labour-consuming than previous ones to make my plushes better quality and more show accurate
- many times if I am not sure about the difficulty, I am quoting the lowest price. If during this time I make the character or similar part and it appears to be way more difficult than anticipated - the price grows

9. Feel free to note me, I'm always trying to respond as soon as possible.
If you don't get a return message from me for more then a week , please note me again, I'm receiving many notes and it may occur I miss something. FOR PRICING OR IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS - note me, it's more possible to miss the question in the comments than in inbox.

10. PayPal please ;)



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Thank you all somuch for such a huge interest in her! I am surprised and very excited and happy! Also, thank you very much for submitting her as separate submission on Equestria Daily!…
This is what I really needed :heart:

To answer all the messages - yes, this plush is sold already, to a great person to whom I am very grateful for the motivation and support he gave me by constant interest in the progress, even though he didn't see her for until she was nearly completed ^^

 It is possible commission a plush of flying Twilight, if you are interested, send me pm :)


This time I am subbmitting very unique plushie ^^ Rainbow Power Princess Twilight Sparkle based on final s04 episode "Twilight's Kingdom". There are 3 rainbow ponies that I'd love to plushify the most, but I decided on Twilight first because her pose was so beautiful! I love the final duel, and the whole episode is one of my most favorites :)

Twilight plushie is designed for hanging from  the ceiling, it's not cuddly plushie because of the wirings, but she would make great addition to collection, being a top one, flying over her Kingdom ;)


She's fully handmade, by me, with my own idea and patterns.

She took forever to make, I've been working on her for the ast 3 months (of course not all the time, but a project like this needs lots of thinking and tries :) ). I am very happy with the results since she came out amazing! I am proud of her and still it's hard to believe that I made her by myself ...!   It wasn't easy at some points, her wings are big challenge, their colors and size and attatching to the body. But the hair was even more challenging - huge, heavy and wired, not supported by the floor or her neck because she is suppossed to fly not stand on the shelf. How to attach them? How to make them stay on their place instead of slowly collapsing?And finally, how to make her hand on ropes/threads without bending to one side? I am not able to estimate even roughly how much time and effort I spent on working it out, but I did it somehow! I can honestly say that this plushie was in the top 3 most difficult plushes I have ever made. Next to Kalos and Chrysalis.
Mane, tail and wings have complex net of wiring inside them so they keep the shape perfectly. Wings can be posed, so the hair but it should be done gently.

The plush is fanart, it's designed for display purposes, only for adult collectors and not for children.

She is very detailed, made out of high quality minky fabrics. Her eyes, cutie marks adn details on her hooves and wings are machine embroidered with special embroidery threads.


She is big! She is proportional size to 15-16" standing mares.

48cm (19,2" inches tall from hooves to the tip of horn)
49cm (19,5") wide while counting the wings
60cm (24") wide from the mane tip to the edge o her left wing
80cm (32") long from the highest point of her left wing to the tip of the tail



I'd be grateful for sharing her around :)
Fleur de Lis by MLPT-fan
Fleur de Lis
Fleur de Lis is part 3/3 of commission for :icongrandmoffpony: :)

She is approx 40cm (16" tall from hoof to the top of the head), 47cm (18,5") to the tip of horn. She is made out of snow white, blush and baby pink minky fabrics. New more show accurate pattern! ^^
OC Jet Setter by MLPT-fan
OC Jet Setter
Jet Setter is 2/3 part of commission for :icongrandmoffpony:

She is approx 14" (35cm) tall from hoof to the top of head, 15,6" (39cm() with hair. Made out of paris pink, mango and sunshine minky fabrics.
OC Slipstream by MLPT-fan
OC Slipstream
Slipstream is 1/3 part of commission for :icongrandmoffpony:

He is huge, approx. 18,8" (47cm) tallfrom hoof to the top of hair! (16" - 40cm) from hoof to the top of head). He is made out of silver, black and electric blue minky fabrics, his eyes, cutie marks and details on the wings are machine embroidered.

It's such a shame that I have so rarely a possibility of making a stallion plushie :P


Which Moondancer's hair colors do you like most? 

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Wait until next year. I'll use my first paycheck to buy a plushie!
Kyuremu8 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I'm surprised your comment section isn't filled with those leechers begging for a request. Your plushies are amazing!
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How and where do you get the materials to make these? o.o

And how even do you get the design layout? Wow people who can do this are amazing as hell. :D

Do you take requests on who to make and then set a price? :o
Intenzifier Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
Happy Bday! I just happen to stumble onto your page while looking for potential commissioners, you have some great looking plushes  
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