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1. I do not give away my patterns, don't ask.

2. To see the current status of comissions (open/closed) check the 'commissions' button on the right.

3. I am open for FIM characters, ponified characters and OCs. Non-pony are also available but please ask in note (I am beginner in different shapes and I may not be able to make very complex plushes at this point).

4. For prices note me. Iam sending general price charts much faster than individual, complex projects quotes, it may take few days to reply.

5. OCs will be made only for their owners or when the customer gets a permission from the owner (I will contact the owner to make sure about getting permission; don't take it offensive, just not everyone allows to use their OCs and I must be sure)

6. Every time the policy of commissions may differ. I am posting every necessary informations in my journal. It means once it may be first come - first served, other time - only chosen by me or only FIM/mane six, etc. The same goes for the amount of commission slots. Sometimes I need time to get rest after very exhausting round. You may always ask me via note what is my idea for next reopenings.

7. Prices are valid for one month, after this time note me again for the price as it may change. Though I have quite stable pricing now and the changes aren't big (if any). But please don't be surprised to see different price of the same character if you asked few months earlier; if there are some changes in pricing, from this time everybody'll receive the same updated price chart.

8. Why do the prices change?

- I am introducing new techniques, often more labour-consuming than previous ones to make my plushes better quality and more show accurate
- many times if I am not sure about the difficulty, I am quoting the lowest price. If during this time I make the character or similar part and it appears to be way more difficult than anticipated - the price grows

9. Feel free to note me, I'm always trying to respond as soon as possible.
If you don't get a return message from me for more then a week , please note me again, I'm receiving many notes and it may occur I miss something. FOR PRICING OR IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS - note me, it's more possible to miss the question in the comments than in inbox.

10. PayPal please ;)



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Bat Princess Luna with pet bat by MLPT-fan
Bat Princess Luna with pet bat

I had this idea in my had for a longer time, perhaps someone still remembers when I mentioned that I was working on bat Luna several weeks ago : I didn't have an idea how to finish her, then I decided  to use foax fur for her hair because it suits bat style so well! Also she is even more unique this way, there are not many s02 Luna plushies with faux fur manes. I will be totally making more ponies with foax fur in future, I am so proud of how her hair came out ^^

on the video it shows well how soft her hair is:…

She has small pet bat - it's made out of minky, wired, with machine embroidered eyes and fangs and magnet inside the body.

few details on plush:

  • made out of  Shannon minky fabrics, has machine embroidered unique design eyes and cutie marks
  • her hair is crafted from ultra soft, quality faux fur! it's brushable
  • approx. 13,2" tall to the top of the head and 15,2" tall to the tip of the horn
  • her armor is removable (crown and necklace; they are made out of minky fabrics, the moon is machine embroidered)
  • comes with adorable magnetic pet bat!
  • wings are wired and posable
  • fangs are made out of fleece
  • firm and stands perfectly on her own
  • nostrils and mouth are hand-embroidered

Let me know if you like original ideas like this! :)

Hi everypony!

I will reopen several commission slots again ^^ On 1st May, 6:00pm (UTC +1:00) :…

plush prices:

Commission prices OPENAnswering to each note about pricing has became quite difficult, so to decrease the amount of notes that I have to answer to each day, I decided to put a general pricing chart* below. I hope it will help :) For prices of  OCs or non-mentioned character note me.
prices of standard, standing mares:
standard size of 15/16" (325$+):
Applejack without hat, Pinkie Pie  - 325$
 spread wings Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle,   – 350$
 Applejack with hat, folded wings Rainbow Dash – 375$
Rarity, spread wings Rainbow Dash  - 400$
popular background characters:
Derpy Hooves - 325$ folded wings, 350$ spread wings
Lyra, Bon Bon, Colgate  - 350$
Vinyl Scratch without glasses – 375$, with glasses – 405$
Trixie (without outfit) – 350$ (Boast Busters outfit is +200$)
fillies approx 11" (250$+)
Scootaloo – 260$
Applebloom – 270$
Sweetie Belle – 300$
cape (double sided embroidery) – 50$
filly Lu

Any pony will be welcome, cannon, background, OCs, Princesses and outfits. In case of complex design, please message me earlier since I may not be able to make every project.

Any size is possible, also different pose ^^

Commission policy:

1) first come - first served (list will be in order of upcoming requests)
2) please be prepared to pay in advance after list is created
3) if you would like to commission me but for some reason you'd need more time for payment - also note me, I may create a waiting list with later payment required
4) while asking for a slot please include: - name of pony (if FIM character); if OC - provide reference pictures
                                                       - size
                                                       - your Paypal adress
                                                       - details (folded/spread wings, socks, unusual hairstyle, pose,  etc)
                                                       - if you need more time for payment - estimated date when
5) no further limits with amount of plushies (may be more than 1 at a  time)

Thank you for reading!
My second flying Rainbow Powered Princess Twilight Sparkle! ^^ She is a commission for :iconchordus: - thank you so much!

It was a bit easier to make her for the second time, but my fingers were swollen the same as the first time :D (dat wirings inside hair!) I love how she came out, photos don't do her justice at all!

Starlight Glimmer FOR SALE by MLPT-fan
Starlight Glimmer FOR SALE
eBay listing:…

I was hoping to have her completed week ago, but I didn't have anouht time P: Her coat has a bit tricky color- between lilac and pale pink; I saw her made in all possible colors but no one made her in blush so here goes my version! :D I know that the color is not perfectly correct, but for me she is more pink then lilac and I love all these colors together :) She is made with blush, purple, amethyst and tiffany.

I added her socks - for some reason I found them matching her so much! :D


Which Moondancer's hair colors do you like most? 

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